Friday, 13 January 2012

Music night

It's been a bit of a tough week so time to 'rock out', 4 year old Princess OTW has great taste in music...old punks never die, we just make new ones!


Albert said...

Someone is growing, better watch out Thud ,that seat outside by the vegetable plot could become your work desk, looks as if school suits her :-) .

cheshire wife said...

I like the way the socks co-ordinate with the carpet.

Vinogirl said...

This brings tears to my eyes :)'ve produced a whole new generation that will enjoy The Ramones anew. God bless you big brother...and long live The Ramones!

MTG said...

Roll over Gaga.

Electro-Kevin said...

...Roll over Hendrix too, MTG.

Electro-Kevin said...

Thud - Do you know of a Coventry chap who was a bouncer ? Name of Geoff Thompson ?

Hard as nails - big in Martial Arts - done very well for himself in books and seminars.

A bit unhinged really.

Thud said...

Kev...I'd heard of him through a guy I worked with called Terry O'neil, another doorman/martial artist who went on to act in bits and bobs.

Electro-Kevin said...

Ah. Terry O'Neil. Yes. Read much about him.

I came at it all from the other end really. Amateur boxing, Police - public order squad ... karate, Ju Jitsu and then Krav Maga.

I learned a lot from Thompson's teaching in realism (which is all I was really interested in.)

I sought out experienced practitioners experienced in street and door work and learned as much as I could from them in very rough training.

Ironically I've never had any fights since I started martial training ten years ago... except fisticuffs with the odd third dan !

By. There are a lot of wankers in the Martial Arts sphere.

I would hate to work a door though; especially with CCTV and no powers of arrest.

Thud said...

Kev.... a majority of doormen where tossers too but the arrival of big drug money destroyed pretty much doormen just doing a job. The arrival of drugs and guns meant after hour activities became more prevalent just to keep going, I spent more time tracking down individuals after work than I did working but lessons needed to be dealt. As a kid I'd always liked fighting and so getting paid ( well as a boss at places like the Hacienda) was a revelation, we don't get to test ourselves much in the modern world do we?

electro-kevin said...

I hated fighting, Thud. But having a face that did not fit meant that I had to do it.

I ended up getting quite good at it though I wouldn't say I'd cut it with real toughs.

My system is to go for an improvised weapon (if I think I'm up against it.)

I nearly always carry a kubotan, maglite or tactical pen.

I'm trained in knife fighting (real techniques) and have a Bowie at the ready behind my bedstead.

She has a pepper spray canister and air horn her side !

Thud said...

I must remember not to bunk on your train!

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Can she do a PETE TOWNSHEND windmill ,yet, or does she smash 'em up?