Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shoot the messenger

As the religion of peace winds itself up yet again into a frenzy of murderous rage the Obama administration reacts to the murder of its citizens by arresting the maker of the crap film that allegedly inspired our muslim brothers to even further couldn't make this stuff up.


Electro-Kevin said...

We have been meddling in the Middle East of late. I'm surprised things haven't kicked off worse than they have already.

I am amazed that we haven't been getting serious terrorism in the UK.

NotClauswitz said...

Who knew having a gay ambassador to the Heathen-East would produce such a negative backlash? Or just a lash? Or rum, buggery, and the lash?

Anonymous said...

"you couldn't make this stuff up"?

Really Thud??? You just did. The maker of the film was not arrested, he was questioned by authorities relaing to his probation form an earlier conviction.

Tell us Thud for a catholic boy is it okay to lie if it furthers your bigotry?

Thud said...

Ah! yet another anon, there seems to be a plague of the cowardly little shits out there. In answer to your question...yes!

Scrobs... said...

What pisses me off more than somewhat, is the continuing 'news' coming from this awful place, when there must be much better stories coming from other more enlightened parts of the world, like Australia, or maybe Finland.

I know they need the dreaded Orla Guerin's reporting 'skills', to bring suicidal notes to the pre-evening tinctures, but I'm totally fed up with seeing all these bloody people bashing hell out of each other.

The Beeb just love doing this sort of story, presumably to beat someone or other round the head and pretend to be brave, but they haven't a clue about which side is which - rather like the rest of the populace.