Thursday, 20 October 2016

Johnny Ramone guitar build part 1

I'm still busy doing work in the garden etc but I took some time today to set out guitar parts for my Johnny Ramone Mosrite build. It all seems pretty simple but the work required in getting the body ready for the painting process will take some time and lots of sanding plus my wiring and soldering skills are at present nonexistent. I'm happy with the quality of the fittings but if all goes well I may consider uprating the bridge and tuners at a later date....if I get it to work that is!


Michael said...

Oh, You'll enjoy making that, Thud!

I got the balance of my EK Bass totally wrong, but that's because I used a light wood for the body!

Still works though...

Vinogirl said...

A good project for the rainy, grey days ahead.