Tuesday, 23 May 2017

At times like these

I went for a walk on the beach with my youngest this morning, a walk to try and make me forget the horrors other parents in our neighbouring city Manchester were at that moment enduring. I knew Facebook and the media would be full of horror stories and of the usual clich├ęs....I wanted none of it.Our govt and betters refuse to do what is needed to stop the slaughter of our children and I am beyond angry.If I speak out I will be punished if my words reach the wrong ears and the wicked comforted, so I do in my own quiet way the myriad small things I can do to secure my childrens safety.....my little girl played in the sand.


Michael said...

Nice one Thud.

With you all the way too.

Vinogirl said...

There is no making sense of the horror that befell those poor families, as it is beyond the comprehension of normal people.
Keep the little ones close.

Woman on a Raft said...



Dennis Tsiorbas said...

"This above all: to thine ownself be true."

Electro-Kevin said...

Thanks for your kind message re my Dad.


I'm with you on this post.

Trubes said...

Nice one Thud
Succinct and my sentiments entirely,
love Di xx.

Notice to Electro,
do you still blog I'd
love to be in touch again
Di xx.