Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan the self appointed leader of the digital lynch mob cleansing our beloved (not) entertainments business is apparently in a little trouble for drug possession, something she puts down naturally to a conspiracy. I for one couldn't care less what Hollywood lowlifes do to other Hollywood wierdos but I do care about statements like this.......have a great career miss McGowan.


James Higham said...

Dead giveaway, innit?

Michael said...


And all this after literally just finishing an incredible book by Graham Masterton - 'Buried'....

I'm still shaking at the memory of the last hundred pages, let alone the other four-hundred!

The rest of the series will be on order when I have the will to log on to my library, and not keep looking over my shoulder!

Highly reccommended.

James Higham said...

Just reflecting on these people, all tied to coercion of some kind or other, making our lives a misery, taking away those things we once loved, a wise man once wrote about how to get the last laugh on them and there’s much to be said for it:

“I hope to leave a couple of decent cars in the garage so maybe my kids will get a chance to enjoy some motor madness in our coming electric,self drive car sharing future.”

It could be that, it could be food nazis, it could be the IRA or Inland Revenue.

NotClauswitz said...

Answers my question, yes a chick can be a douche.

Electro-Kevin said...

Wow. How unusual (not.) Another actress who wants the trappings of politics without standing for office.

I wish they'd stop.

The main objection I have with Hollywood. The Brits/English always get a bashing.

Ze Germans, on the other hand, get a free pass. The *Nazis* did it apparently.

Well not one of my relatives remembers fighting 'the Nazis'. It was most definitely the Germans. Nor did Churchill or Truman mention 'the Nazis' in their victory speeches.

Sorry. But the Americans are not our friends.