Monday, 27 November 2017

Fat Nazis

Things have as of late been a bit hectic and so my blogging has been rather light something I do plan to put right. I have been too busy even to read many of the regular blogs I visit but among the few political ones I read such as zman,worstall,Takimag and powerline I have tried to keep up and comment when so moved. I don't comment often but I occasionally find the racism and anti Semitism in the comments enraging as they for me detract from otherwise educating and amusing conversations that move forward conservative and republican thought and tactics. As result I am usually called a 'snowflake' which if they bothered to check out my blog they would quickly realise was stupid or a Jewish stooge. I'm not bothered about any of this as I know the writers comprise of cheeto eating fat wannabe Nazis or twisted old blokes unhappy with their lot. Me.....healthy wealthy and with great family and friends and as the old joke goes 'saving up to be Jewish!' so if I offend anybody I can only say tough and if you want to find me.....feel free, always happy for a full on conversation.


Michael said...

Don't you ever dare to change, old chum!

Great to have you back on stream, it always takes time to dream up a new post, and I'm struggling this week too...

As I've given up on the BBC now, like most of my friends, I tend to glance through the online rags until boredom with bums and birds only famous for being famous sets in, I'm much happier these days too!

I've got a very difficult carpentry project to do when it gets a bit warmer (too much dust in the shed if I work inside), and that, plus a never ending stream of gardening reqirements is enough to warm the cockles of one's tinctures...

Good to hear from you again!

James Higham said...

Oy veh.

Thud said...


Electro-Kevin said...

Thud by name...

Vanesa Rose said...

An interesting piece.

Trubits of Life. said...

Stay as sweet as you are Thud, we all loves ya baby,
whatever your creed, colour, sexual preference, et al....BTW
I've bug....d my new blog site up and although I can write and
publish my thoughts and ideals but I can;t reply to comments on it, nor
can I comment on other blogs apart from the odd few !
Love to you and your lovely Thudsters!

Trubits of Life. said...

PS It seems that your blog accepts my comments so it's obviously something I've done when setting up my Trubits site,,, all helful words of wisdom would be most welcome xxxx

NotClauswitz said...

Perhaps sadly, but I do a lot less reading and commenting than I used-to! said...