Sunday, 20 January 2008

Pack attack!

Big day for the packers I've cheese curds(ta vinomaker)Doritos and beer at the ready!.....what more could I want on a Sunday..except maybe after 20 odd years of watching American football to understand what the hell is going on!


Morris Minor said...

Hey Thud,
Got a real laugh over your brainless fascist comment on that Libertas blog about "300". So only a liberal would object? So does that mean that conservatives support a militaristic society where 90% of the people are slaves and every Spartan boy is brutalized as a soldier. Here's a real fun part, the boys all had to murder a slave to pass into the army. That is your idea of a good free society? Your stupidity and fascism is beneath contempt.

thud said...

works for me you little liberal areswipe!