Thursday, 10 April 2008

A new Jerusalem

Jerusalem has always been a favourite hymn of mine and also it seems a sizable percentage of Britain's population.For generation people have sang Jerusalem believing it a hymn and enjoying the feeling of an affinity between Christ and England.I have always found the hymn uplifting and the imagery of a young Jesus visiting England always resonated with me as a child. Now it seems the hymn..or not coming under increasing pressure for various p.c. reasons,each one as bogus as the next. Well I'm sorry folks...ban it if you want but for me and millions more it is now and always will be a hymn to the glory of God (great tune too!) I can only presume the various christian churches in England have too many worshippers and need to cut the number...or do we just have too many priests,vicars etc who seem to have lost sight of who they work for...and I'm not talking about me!


Rastaman said...

I'm listening to it now, thanks to Limewire. I downloaded 4 versions. Version #3 by Vangelis is currently on.

Very mellow tune. I like it.

We had a great Olympic torch relay day over in San Fran. Talk about police state and ugly, wow. I know the Chinese are really pissed off about it, it was horrible, just like them.

I can't wait until it hits Australian streets and the Blue Chinese Thugs aren't allowed to be in attendance. They're pretty unhappy with China over there, too. Ahh, what fun!

Black Sheep alias Rasta... or is it the other way around? It's a mystery...

monkey said...

This hymn reminds me of my grandfather, it was his favourite hymn and we sang it at his funeral the sound was amazing in a small village church.
I really dont know what this country is coming to anymore it makes me sick to know that we live in a country where we have to throw out our hymns and yet scumbag muzzers are aloud to preach their hate throughout the country without hastle.
im glad that my grandfather is not here to see this im sure he would feel as let down as i.

Trubes said...

The PC Brigade enrage me beyond all realms of the imagination.
Jerusalem was my College Hymn and later on, when I joined The Bromborough WI, Wirral we used to open each meeting with it...Golden days..

Thud, I have mentioned you in my latest post on my Trubes Site....

Love your site it is very good indeed, It`s good to have a fellow Merseysider`s Blog to read. So glad to see you`re an Evertonian too !