Friday, 28 November 2008

Dangerous children

Over the years whilst working at Manchester University I had the joyless task of occasionally working with members of the student union....supposedly my employers. They where to a man(and woman) ignorant,arrogant,opinionated,unworldly and effortlessly annoying.They understood nothing outside of their little 'right on lefty' world...especially when it came to spending money...lots of money.If the little future politicians and social workers were given a budget for an event they would always overspend massively...after can never have enough fire eaters and stilt walkers can you? The rest of the time they spent passing motions banning goods from the university (American goods obviously) and making life more pleasant for transvestites and any other freaks that had a grievance...whilst ignoring the rise of Islamism and antisemitism on campus. It seems student unions all over the world are just the same..useless, nobody nowadays seems to do enough work...shouldn't they be too busy to agitate? Once student unions organised dances ,charity balls and no doubt served a useful if limited function, now these dangerous immature children have been given the power to affect situations and events way beyond their capabilities. The power of the student unions should be curbed and the role of students in university life reduced to just that...students, studying to provide society with productive unbiased adults...a tall order but worthwhile
I think.


Putz said...

manchester, all my people from salford went to that university. barlows, daltons, allens

monkey said...

their responsible for the start in binge drinking too, something they seem very proud of when marchinf up and down the city in tu tu's