Friday, 28 November 2008


Gordon Brown our esteemed Prime minister has finally tipped over the edge into didn't take the form of a major breakdown, nothing dramatic...just this. Britain and the world is in the midst of a financial crisis of historic proportions and our glorious leader spends his time writing to TV talent show contestants...time to be put out to pasture I think.


phlegmfatale said...

should I be saddened or comforted that all the morons aren't American?

BobG said...

But who is crazier; Brown or the people who elected him?

Thud said...

Bob...thats the problem...we never elected him..just a few thousand people in Scotland made him an MP...he was not my or anybody in Englands choice.

Putz said...

from an qamericqan, i think i have to agree with you

electro-kevin said...

I know I know !

Totally bloody bonkers.

It's his 'man of the people' thing. And suckers who phone into that show will buy it.

monkey said...

Again he tries the Blair effect, this is his way of connecting to the youth and very young dancing babies.
That or he wants to join Louis Walsh's club.
HA like he needs an invite.