Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Mission accomplished

Humiliated...maybe...Wealthy...certainly! As many in Britain face an uncertain financial future our get rich at any cost commissioner Ghaffur, has finally reached his security at public expense and a no doubt remunerative future as a public speaker lecturing us all as to the evils of racism. I am sure that many serving officers of all colours and the public at large wish that it were only true...then perhaps chancers such as the aforementioned fake policeman would never have been inflicted upon us. Its a racist society indeed that lets such a mediocrity rise to such heights is it not?....only not the racism ghaffur will no doubt lecture us about, I so look forward to his pearls of wisdom.


The Penguin said...

This utter arse-wipe should be hung drawn and quartered as a warning to others.

He has risen way above his ability on the PC correct anti-racist bilge, his ex-wide says he's a cunt, and he's probably best of friends with that shit Keith Vaz.

The Penguin

Trubes said...

No doubt if he is turned down for the role of 'Security Consultant' at the Olympic Games he will play the 'race card' again!

The Penguin talks of Keith Vaz. Does anyone remember, when he was last in trouble and had to resign (sorry, I mean't 'step down), from a Ministerial post, how he developed a mysterious, threatening heart condition?
Strangely enough, he now appears to be in the peak of health.

Funny old world innit!

Trubes said...

P.S. OTW. i've written another bit of trivia on my blog for your perusal...and anybody else who may be interested!


monkey said...

bloody racist ha ha, makes me choke !

DirtCrashr said...

What a gamer, it is a poor system that provides it's own elevator to the top for the least able.