Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Clever buggers these saudis,well 'mighty mo' himself actually...who needs real science,ermmm? for one!


Vinogirl said...

At that particular University that the, erm, scientist is working at, all the lab counter tops were installed under the supervision of none other than Vinomaker (and a Brit, who fermented grape juice and went on benders).

WV: Jester...surely not!

Thud said...

ah!...that explains his prowess somewhat in the vino department.

Anonymous said...

Know where your coming from Vinogirl
plenty of pure grape juice in bottles poured into a 5 gallon container with a plenty of sugar and bits bought from Boots and left to "mature", well for a week in Jeddah as there were too many expat's who knew what you were up to,beer was also made,yes the US citizens were up to the same things,had some great parties and celebrated a New Year many times at the same party.