Thursday, 16 July 2009

Evening all.

I love the modern's a laugh a minute, and we are supposed to respect and obey these people? I think I'll go and lie down now.


Vinogirl said...

What happened to this being part of an individuals personal life and not letting such stuff affect your professional life?

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's better than joining the Mason's,oh I forgot they dress up as well.
Went past your new pad today,it's looking unkempt and lonely,it needs two little one's to wake the place up.
They appear to be doing some remarking of the road by your pad and the mirror opposite requires the hedge cutting so you can see what's going on.

Thud said...

keys may be handed over first week of August hopefuly.....I need a much bigger mirror in that hedge!

electro-kevin said...

10 Jedi police officers north of the border.

I wonder if 'the force' is with them.